Bad Advice I Overheard At The Local Coffee & Donut Place

I’m 26 and a half years old. I’m legally, intellectually and biologically an adult and I try to do adult things even though I have never been this old before. One of my daily or at least bi-daily activities is wake up and go to the local donut place. I go there mainly to get out of the house, drink a glass of iced coffee and read some. It helps me wake up.  There are always the usual customers – I don’t talk to anyone because my mission is to wake my brain up and plan the day.

Anyway the young cashier who always takes my order when I’m there was on her break and she sat down in the loveseat in front of me. A regular began chatting her up. I paid no attention to the conversation but I heard that they were talking about what she planned to do once she goes to college. I began adjusting my attention to the conversation because I felt that it was going to get interesting. The regular who was chatting her up was about in his late 60’s maybe early 70’s and he gave this young lady the single worst advice anyone could give to a young person;

” Study whatever makes the most money”.

It may be a generation thing or the regular had no idea what he was actually saying. I wanted to interrupt  – I couldn’t get my thoughts in – I regret I couldn’t interrupt this conversation but going to school for money is the single biggest mistake you can make.

You’re passion and curiosity is what should drive you to study at a university. Your passions should be what fuels you. It’s really the only thing that can truly motivate you to get up in the morning. I hope the young cashier doesn’t end up following this sad piece of advice or else she will be destined for a long miserable and pointless existence.

Let’s say you do live for the money – the money being the only reason for your existence, the only reason why you get up in the morning. When will enough be enough? How will you fair when there is an economic apocalypse?

There is a trend – a soul sucking relationship that follows those who have fallen in love with money; paranoia, anxiety, narcissism, apathy and anti-social personality disorders. There is also the addiction aspect – your brain thinks money is a drug and the obsession for money can activate the same reward system the brain uses when on drugs.

I’m not trying to say money is the enemy – however most people have an unhealthy relationship with money. Most people are psychologically too immature to have money. Right now at this moment 6.9.17 @ 9:46 AM I am broke. I am broke for the first time in a LONG time. This month was an expensive month and I’m not at all worried because I know this is only until tomorrow when I get paid and I had invested pieces of my wealth into assets and investments so I am not in a “financial starvation mode”.

I’m not going to talk about investing here but if you need to reevaluate and renegotiate your relationship with money I suggest picking up the book “Rich Dad Poor Dad” by Robert Kiyosaki and stop putting money as the top priority for your existence


Author: The Jordan Allen Experience

"Greetings - I am Jordan Allen. I want to thank you for coming by. This is The Jordan Allen Experience - I'm all about taking you on an adventure that you will never forget - a journey into the mind. I possess no supernatural abilities - I use a mix of sleight of hand techniques similar to that magicians use, I use concepts from hypnosis, and my knowledge I have gained from many years of studying neuroscience." - Jordan Allen For nearly two decades Jordan Allen has entertained audiences all across the South Eastern United States with his illusion and mind reading shows. Jordan Allen first received a magic kit as a gift from his parents while on vacationing in Louisville Ky. After a few years of practice Jordan made his first public debut in 1999 before a local church. The following years since Jordan has worked tirelessly to perfect his stage skills. Sometime in the early 2000's Jordan Allen took an interest in psychology and eventually graduated from Murray State University in 2016 where he studied both psychology and theatre - he combines the knowledge to give audiences a show that Tymeless Hearts INC has said to be " A Show You Will Never Forget". Jordan Allen provides entertainment for private parties, corporate events and banquets. A few notable past and ongoing clients include Tymeless Hearts Inc., The CFSB Bank, Fierce & Fabulous Pageants, The City of Murray KY and the City of Joppa Illinois. In 2017 The Jordan Allen Experience was drafted - The second show written & directed by Jordan Allen. The Jordan Allen Experience features 45 minutes of pure wonder that only the imagination can conjure. The Jordan Allen Experience is perfect for corporate and parties / celebrations.

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