What I’m All About

I get asked a lot about what it is that I actually do, sometimes it is easier to show than to explain but if there is time I will often demonstrate. I’m sure those reading have seen videos of me floating about on the web. I’ve done much growing and maturing since many of those videos were posted so they are no longer a great example of my mission in life and the purpose of what I do.

In simple terms I’m an entertainer. I personally am not a firm believer in art for arts sake. The whole history of theatre is filled with moments the show didn’t just entertain – it changed the public opinion. The performing arts has always been a propaganda machine. the Ancient Greeks all the way up to the Middle Ages treated entertainment as a teaching tool or a persuasion technique to change public opinion about an issue.

I’ve been performing since 1996, it wasn’t until the late Summer of 2016 that I had my revelation. I like to think of myself not only as a entertainer but also a educator. My transformation began when I was working a festival. It was in the afternoon about 3 PM, two hours before the festival was to shut down. I was taking a break to reset my gear for the next round of people to pass my booth. I had been doing handwriting analysis demonstrations all day. A young girl who had visited my booth twice sat down next to me (at my booth) and asked if I help people. It was right then and there that I found that people saw more to what I do than I did.

I had recently graduated from Murray State University where I studied psychology and theatre. During my time I took many classes in a variety of fields from biology, art, language, archaeology and anthropology. During my psychology studies I focused a lot on neuroscience and cognitive psychology.

It was at that moment in the twilight of Summer in 2016 that I had to combine my knowledge with my talent as a performer. I rewrote everything, took me 4 months to do so and I came out with a program that is both entertaining and informative. People are no longer just getting entertained – they are coming out with something that they can actually use.

The program I have now involves 3 memory demonstrations, and a lot of demonstrations that revolve around attention and deductive reasoning and 1 that explores the sensation and perception of touch. I won’t go into any details here about the show to spare you, the reader of any spoilers. But it is during the process of these bits that I also give information that they can actually use. I’ll be honest – since what I do is educational theatre, a few of my claims are in all honesty farfetched BUT the science behind it is factual (think Michael Crichton). Being a psychological entertainer has some of it’s own quirks – Unlike other forms of entertainment – I can actually use the skills from the show in the real world.

.I personally believe there are far more interest in having good/supper memory, keen observation and good deduction skills than there are being able to psychically read minds or bend metal objects as I have done in performances past. My experience so far has proven that my assumption is true. Even back in my metal bending days – I had to walk on egg shells as to avoid starting a cult (I even scared someone not on purpose however).

It is my goal in these blogs as well as in my performances to hopefully show you how you too can come to obtain the ability to retain memory better (and longer), spot things that others have missed, etc. In addition I will be commenting on other areas as well.

Please feel free to email me at any time or visit my main website.


-Jordan Allen


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